Photos from Hà Nội, Ninh Bình and Nam Định

This past weekend, I drove up to Hanoi Friday afternoon and took care of some things I can’t do in Nam Dinh and visited a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Saturday morning I continued to drive around on my motorbike, running errands and along the way I took some photos. After that, I drove another 100km south through Ninh Bình State to get to Tam

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The Paradise that is Garden Island, Australia

Long before Amy and I arrived in Australia or even knew that we would one day in the near future end up here, we dreamed of getting to Australia so we could visit the private island that her grandparents own.  They built the house and landscaped the rest of the island creating a little garden paradise on a tiny island. We were unsure that we would ever get

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Walks, Hikes, Bikes, and Canyoning in and around the Sydney Region

Over the last few months Amy and I have been doing at least one long hike or walk every two weeks to explore the city and the surrounding area.  Sydney is encompassed by three major national parks on all three sides (Ku Ring Gai to the North, The Blue Mountains to the West, and The Royal National Park to the South) all of which have a larger footprint

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A quick trip to Auckland, New Zealand

A few weeks ago I had to quickly leave Australia to reapply for my visa and so I took a quick 24 hour trip to Auckland, New Zealand.  I wasn't too excited to go as I went by myself, without Amy, and I didn't have my snowboard with me so I couldn't take advantage of the mountains in the middle of winter.  Coming from Canada I saw little

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A New Chapter: Moving from Canada to Australia

For those who don't know last month, after 3 years I left Vancouver and relocated, with my partner Amy to the sunny shores of Australia.  This all came about very quick.  We decided and two weeks later arrived in Sydney.  It was a chaotic few weeks in which we had to figure out my visa, sell most of our things, find someone to take over the apartment lease,

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