I have been drawing and actively illustrating my whole life, since I can first remember 35 years ago.  I grew up in a once quaint town called Maple Ridge, 5okm outside of Vancouver, which has become a drug ravage shit-hole, crowded with mini malls and cookie cutter suburban sprawl.  It was and still is surrounded by natural beauty including numerous beautiful lakes, flanked on its south by the mighty and murky Fraser River and the Alouette River runs through the heart coming from the snow capped glacial mountain, the Golden Ears.  It was a small farming town for a century and some of those farms still exist in the northern township.  It is from this natural beauty and the modern cancerous sprawl and the coexistence/juxtaposition, as well as a fondness for the past that I take from this town and bring into my artwork.

In 2007 I graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and shortly after paying off my student debt I began to travel, which I have done for a large part of the last decade, calling Vancouver home as well as Berlin, Melbourne, and Lund, Sweden.  After nearly 3 years back in Vancouver, I left at the beginning half of 2018 to relocate temporarily to Sydney, Australia to focus on making art full-time and visit with my partners family and friends.

Feel free to message me about my artwork be it questions, comments, critiques, or opportunities for commissions, collaborations, exhibitions, and jobs.  Thanks for visiting my site and viewing my artwork.