I am currently living in a small city in rural northern Vietnam called Nam Định. I split my time between teaching primary children English and continuing to work on the ongoing Tree Books (there are 3 volumes and over 60 ink drawings of various tree species) and digitally colouring my hand illustrations, as well as work on various small freelance projects and commissions.

I have been drawing and actively illustrating my whole life since my first memories four decades ago.  I grew up in a once quaint town called Maple Ridge, 5okm outside of Vancouver, Canada, which was and still is surrounded by natural beauty including numerous beautiful lakes, several mountains and a few rivers. There is inspiration taken from this area and my childhood as well as my time living in Germany, Australia and Vietnam over the last years.

My plan in the very near future is to continue on with illustrating this series of Tree Species and releasing prints, clothing and other limited edition items. I will also colour some of these trees and do a monthly, limited edition clothes drop which will always be bright and psychedelic.

Feel free to message me about my artwork, be it questions, comments, critiques, or opportunities for commissions, collaborations, exhibitions, and jobs.  Thanks for visiting my site and viewing my artwork.