A DELICATE BALANCE   This series explores the relationship between architecture and the natural world.  These hand drawn ink illustrations are inspired by locations and cultures around the globe, and throughout the era of human cooperation.  Surreal castles highlight both the beauty of a bygone time and the necessity of a coexistence with and in nature.  By incorporating flora and fauna throughout the architecture of the structures these pieces illustrate the importance of the need and dependence on nature, and hearken back to a time when we, as a species were not terraforming and poisoning the planet for greedy ends.

TREE PROJECT  This series of personal ink illustrations began in a small sketchbook (3 x 5 inches) as a way to keep drawing while working as a labourer in various industries. They are drawn by hand using 0.5mm Micron pens. While some are single page drawings, others are spread across two pages.  These drawings are about experimenting with form and technique while creating images that are born of imagination or observation.  I have always been inspired by nature and this project is is the culmination of my fascination with the natural world, its splendour and beauty and the unlimited possibilities. This collection of drawing is now spread across 3 sketchbooks and over 60 illustrations and will continue to grow.