I am lucky enough to be featured in two of the latest books put out by Out of Step Books.

Black & White: Volume Five features some of the best black and white artwork/line drawings from 386 artists from around the world. Excellent inspiration for artists and a great addition to any art aficionado’s library! Book is limited to 500 copies and individually numbered on the title page.

The Diabolico II: Exploring the Realm of Dark Art book is a limited edition (only 666 individually numbered copies) hardcover, full-color book. It features the artistic exploration of dark art themes from an extensive array of 245 artists from around the world. With various creative mediums included (tattoos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, graffiti, digital, photography, mixed media, and much more), Diabolico II is a treasure trove of dark themes, devils, demons, monsters, and horror-inspired art.