I have been watching the animated, educational videos by Kurzgesagt for years now. They explain everything with straight forward simplicity while each video is crammed with well researched information and beautiful images and moving words. I look forward to anything they release but I have been waiting for the last month for their insight into the COVID-19 or Corona Virus Pandemic. This video explains exactly how the virus attacks your body and confuses your immune system, how it is different from the flu virus and why we are isolating around the globe.

The following videos relate to the human condition in the modern world, and how you can better understand how isolation can affect you, and how the way you look at the world. Even in dark times there are things you can do to help you appreciate, and that can allow you to be happy. Though these videos were made before most people were asked to help out society and isolate for the greater good, the messages are enforced even more by our current condition and we can all better understand that we are truly in this together. Even when this is over I think if people remember that we are in this together, unity around the globe, we can create a better world by leaving behind the destructive tendancies that the people in power have forced upon us.

I recommend that during your time in isolation you spend some time with these videos, as there is hundreds of hours of content that can inform you about the human physiology and the human condition in the modern world, space exploration and where technology in the coming centuries could take us, the wonders of our planet, and general information about things that you may want to know about.