Over the last few months I have been lucky enough to have my artwork featured on two different cans for Collective Arts Brewing, based out of out of Ontario, Canada. I love how well both came together and look across a can. this is the first time that I have had my artwork on a beer label and I’d definitely like to do more in the future.

Photographs of both different cans of Collective Arts Brewing beers that my art was featured on the label. One is an IPA and the other is a Pavlova fruit sour

Instagram shots of product shots and production photos of the beers

Below you can see the original artwork that was featured on the Pavlova beer. This was originally drawn on grey paper with ink. The shadows were done using pigment markers and the highlights where done with white coloured pencil. Brian from Collective Arts is responsible for colouring the artwork with pink and giving the men yellow eyes. I love the colour and would have never thought to use this combination. Thank you Collective Arts for your delicious beers!

a hand drawing of old men with moustaches and beards in comic marker and ink for sale to buy