Over the last few months I have created different logos for a few different companies all of which I was very pleased with, and which strangely all using the same or similar two colour scheme.  I  like working in these colours but the clients have agreed with my choices.  For the logo for Trichome Cannabis the owner requested these colours once he saw my initial concepts.  So first up is the final product for Trichome Cannabis with a few different layout options.  I love the way this one turned out.  The purple and green are very bold and compliment each together, it’s clean and striking and very professional looking.  I have spent a lot of time looking at this logo, even after it has been finished, because I find something hypnotic about the way the design comes together in the middle and the way the colours play off each other.  I like that it is a stylised marijuana leaf but because of the colours and simplicity it doesn’t look like it is and that it also resembles a fleur de lis (the owners family heritage is French).

Here are a few of my initial designs after which the client and I talked together to come towards the final design.

Next is 2 pages of different layouts for a logo for the District of Mission. This logo was used in a proposal that never went very far so these aren’t finished, these are what I send a client after reading their brief and then they normally come back with notes as to what works or doesn’t and then I move an and modify or redesign from there.

Last, is the third logo design, which is for a denture clinic.  The client brief said that they didn’t want teeth or dentures in the logo, that the logo should play off the title Summit instead.  This one came together well in the end as well.