I have been a huge fan of ImagineFX magazine, a digital and tradition magazine that specialises in fantasy, science fiction, and conceptual art, for years, and have spent countless hours reading through the articles featuring different international artists giving insight into their working process while providing numerous tutorials that show into the steps undertaken when creating a specific piece of art.

These tutorials have enabled me to learn a lot of tricks and a more streamline working process, so I was thrilled when I learned that I would be featured in Issue 166 in the Exposé section, which provides a platform to share new artists work. This was the first thing I submitted too once I finished my new website 6 months ago, so the month of work on this site paid off in dividends right away.

Interior double page layout iof Aaron Wolf's digital art in ImagineFX Issue 166

a digital photoshop coloured illustration art artwork of the kingdom a island castle full of trees

A digital photoshop drawing of a leather clad military gunman and an with skeleton angel emerging from his body looking to the blood red clouds of heaven

a coloured digital photoshop illustration of a hunt on a space planet a giant demon caterpillar attacking a fire fly with a spear

a digital coloured photoshop artwork of a sunset all purple and orange lighting up a town built in the trees upon cliffs overlooking the ocean