My favourite, LA’s noise rock destructionists HEALTH are back with the announcement of SLAVES OF FEAR, a new album and song of the same title.

I fell in love with these guy in 2010, when I saw then at the final day of Primavera Sound when they closed down the festival. Being it was in Barcelona, Spain the festival started later then most festivals and went later then most. Instead of the standard closing time of between 12-2am this festival would go until about 6am and then everyone would stumble out and go sit on the beach and grab a couple 1Euro beers or go to bed to recover for the next day. On day 3, me and my best friend James were making our way out at 3-4am, totally beat when we happened to pass the stage where HEALTH was playing. I knew little about the band, just from a couple of remix tracks I had heard, I thought they were DJs but what we were greeted with was a 4 piece band. They were traditional in set up, singer/guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards but what they sounded like was anything but traditional. It was a melding of metal, electronic, and noise. The crowd was going crazy too. You couldn’t tell that everyone had been watching bands for the last few day and running on reserves, the crowd was one giant moshpit. Instead of a moshpit where everyone was smashing into each other, this was a mass of people swaying and moving as one unit back and forth across the whole floor, where at some points 50 people would fall onto the floor at once and everyone else would pick them up. It was one of the most magical, if not the most magical performance I have seen. The band killed it, the crowd was crazy and it was the perfect close to a mind-blowing festival. After that I was a huge fan, especially since they have the same huge sound on album.

There last album DEATH MAGIC is may favourite album of theirs and in my top 10 albums for sure. I am eager awaiting SLAVES OF FEAR. Luckily they haven’t been silent since the last album. Over the last few months they have released collaborative tracks with other artists, covered BLUE MONDAY for the Atomic Blonde soundtrack, and release a remix album along with other random singles.

Here are a few of my favourite tracks off DEATH MAGIC. I think SLAVES OF FEAR with match DEATH MAGIC and I look forward to February 2019 to give this album a spin!