Welcome to my new website!  I am very excited to finally have a professional, easy to navigate gallery interface which showcases both my traditional, hand drawn pen and ink drawings and my coloured Photoshop artwork.  It is a portfolio of only my newest and favorited artworks.  The artwork that I am most proud of and the pieces that stand above the others.  I feel like my artwork has hit a new level recently and I am more then excited to keep adding more, new content to this site!

This new site also incorporates a BLOG into the design, and it will be an area where I will document a work in progress, or offer a glimpse into the process of creating a finished artwork. This blog will also be where I share other artists work, video content that inspires and influences me, or at the very least which amuses me.  Having recently relocated to Australia it will also be a place to share photographs and stories of my travels and keep friends, family, and followers updated as to what I am doing on the other side of the planet.  Since the gallery portion of the website is only to showcase new work I will also use this to show sketches, unfinished work, failed attempts, and also to archive older works.

Thirdly, there is a STORE section which I will have items such as limited edition prints and original artwork for sale.  At the moment I am also designing and figuring out the best way to produce and sell items of clothing, so I will have more news on that in the months to come.

Lastly, there is a CONTACT section in with you can get in touch with me with specific questions about my artwork or items for sale, comments, criticisms, opportunities for commissions or collaborations, or just about anything else!

I have had this site in my head for quite a few years and its only in the last few months that I have had the time to tackle this.  Without the help of Brendan Carr and Braighton Polack from INFINUS TECHNOLOGY INC this site would have not been possible, so I would like to thank them for making my vision reality, answering all my questions no matter how many or minute, and dealing with the slightest adjustments to satisfy the perfectionist in me!

I hope everyone enjoys this site and that people keep coming here to see the images that I create and the stories and strange fruit I have to share.

Thanks to everyone that has the interest to view my artwork or read my words!

Aaron Wolf