Nikola Tesla




Title: Nikola Tesla: The Inventor of the Modern World
Product: Pen and ink
Size: 12 x 18” = 30.5 x 45.7cm
Edition: One of a kind original artwork
Price includes shipping with insurance and tracking

The greatest inventor of all time and a man that laid the groundwork of most modern technologies of the present.  He was a genius of vision beyond his days and the days that followed and he is a shining example of how someone can be erased from the past by simply thinking of man kind and going against the moneymen and banks.  Thanks to the internet and the free flowing movement of information it has brought about, Nikola Tesla and his many achievements have come to light in the last decade or two and he is a well known man once again and is beginning to get the credit he always deserved.

This was drawn and then scanned and background and shading were done on Photoshop.