Mountains Beyond Mountains Print




Title: A Delicate Balance: Mountains Beyond Mountains
Product: Hahnemuhle Bamboo 290gsm Print
Size: 17.5 x 23.4” = 44.4 x 59.4cm
Edition: Print of a limited edition of 100, signed and numbered
Price includes shipping

This print can also be purchased as a complete set with the three other prints of the original ink artwork of A Delicate Balance Set of 4.

A Delicate Balance series explores the relationship between architecture and the natural world.  Castles and fortified communities of fantasy and medieval influence coexist with and in nature.  Incorporating natural elements such as stone, water, trees, and light into the architecture of the structures, there is interaction and synchronisation with the natural world.

Mountains Beyond Mountains was drawn by hand using Micron 0.5mm pens and is the fourth piece in A Delicate Balance series.  Instead of the main focus being on the structure as with the three previous pieces, this piece was about the interaction of the castle and its natural surroundings where the castle sits atop the mountain instead of the structure dominating the landscape.

You can read all about the process that went into the creation of this series, the coloured version of these pieces, as well as documentation of the process in the BLOG section of this website.