A Delicate Balance: The Courtyard

A Delicate Balance: The Courtyard

This is the first of three 9 x 12 inch A Delicate Balance pieces which I drew because I needed a break from drawing the larger Delicate Balance, and wanted to do something that was less time consuming.  I like the way the reflection, which I added using Photoshop, turned out.  It was quite complicated to add the reflection because I had to cut pieces out separately and re assemble them so that the angles in the reflection looked proper as well as adding depth by fading things out further in the backgournd.

This is one of eight 9 x 12 inch prints available.  You can purchase a set of all eight A Delicate Balance 9 x 12 prints at the bottom of the MAIN PAGE in the STORE.  If you would like to purchase just this one or a combination of less then the full set you can email to inquire at awolfillustrations@gmail.com


December 1, 2016 7:00 am


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