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Parallels Today with the Roaring 1920s

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This documentary tells of America and Europe in the 1920s which parallels today in so many ways its frightening.  The population was indebted to the recently ending Great War , WW1.  Inflation was leaving working families unable to afford the amenities to survive after a boom from the war which only a few of the rich managed to reaped the rewards from.  There was a fear of immigrants from a decimated Europe and Asia coming over to America to take it’s citizens jobs.  There was an ideoligical difference between the booming cities and rural populations, “those who could accept change and those who would not.”  Politicians and industrial tycoons used fear and hateful retoric and the once declining Klu Klux Klan reemerging into the public forum and politics.  Fascist governments were taking over in a few of the largest countries in Europe.  The newly formed Federal Reserve, unchecked and unregulated would eventually cause the crash of the stock market by the end of the decade.  With a population divided ideologically and fractured internationally and internally the world was once again pulled into combat.

Today there are a few differences but it is far to similarities for comfort.

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